Top Push Notifications Services (2022)

Updated: May 20, 2022

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Push Notification services were pioneered by Apple in 2009 with the introduction of its iOS 3 mobile operating system. Later on this technology was also adopted by Google for its Android OS and Microsoft for its Windows Phone OS. Since then push has expanded into a major part of a range of platforms including the web/ desktop internet.

So what is a Push Notification? Push Notification technology allows to deliver information from an app to a mobile device or desktop computer without a specific request from the app, meaning this app doesn’t have to be opened to get a Push Notification. Since the technology was debuted 12 years ago, a number of platforms for sending Push Notifications have emerged. In this guide we want to provide you with information about both paid and free push notification service plans from multiple companies to choose from.

Today app Push Notifications are being used to deliver all sorts of information to app users, like specials (e.g. “Get your 10% OFF this weekend only!” for e-commerce apps), location-based messages (e.g. “Come by and enjoy this fall SALE prices!” for brick and mortar retail store apps), available new content on news and media apps like Apple News, CNN, Netflix, YouTube and others (e.g. “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert…” episode that is being sent from the show YouTube channel) and the list is on and on.

One of the emerged trends we can see for the use of Push Notification technology is that e-commerce companies offer a delivery status tracking feature. It allows app owners to receive a status message – delivered, opened, URL inside a message was clicked, etc for each push notification sent. The reason why this trend has emerged is simple – an app churn rate increases over time, app owners are facing a challenge of retaining their app’s user base. People have several dozens of apps on their smartphones or tablets and there is just not enough time for them to pay an equal amount of attention to each app. So a Push Notification alone is not enough anymore, app owners need a reliable channel to get a feedback and see what kind of reaction their messages do invoke.

Having said that, while utilizing Push Notifications for mobile app users re-engagement, app developers, shouldn’t forget about regulations that Apple has established to set the rules for using this technology in iOS apps and specifically this article:

4.5.4 Push Notifications must not be required for the app to function, and should not be used to send sensitive personal or confidential information. Push Notifications should not be used for promotions or direct marketing purposes unless customers have explicitly opted in to receive them via consent language displayed in your app’s UI, and you provide a method in your app for a user to opt out from receiving such messages. Abuse of these services may result in revocation of your privileges.

Meaning app developers should be cautious about using Push Notifications – use them to communicate with their users about information that is useful for them but do not abuse this technology with cases described in the Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines.

Let’s look at some numbers that will help us to see how important Push Notifications technology is for the app industry. Back in mid 2017, Leanplum mobile marketing platform, that specializes on app engagement, conducted a research that showed that Push Notifications were capable to increase purchases up to 10 times and push in-app spend 16% up. The data also revealed that during a week Push Notifications sent on Saturday can double the number of purchases people do with mobile apps. And when it comes a question – during what time of a day people would do more purchases after getting Push Notifications, late afternoon ruled supreme with 2.7 times increase.

Another research conduced with 1,000 smartphone owners by Leanplum in 2019, revealed that more than 75% of Millennials delete mobile apps if their developers send too many push notifications. Another 30% said they like to receive push notifications from financial apps installed on their smartphones to be quickly informed about any transactions that take place on their account. The takeaway message from these numbers is that app developers should always consider in what specific points of the app’s experience it makes the most sense to send a push notification and how often.

Top Push Notifications Services

The data from Airship digital growth platform brings up another Push Notifications facet – how they influence mobile user retention on both iOS and Android platforms.

For the latter, not sending notifications results in 20% retention rate for the first week vs. 80% if notifications were sent. For iOS the numbers are less drastic but still impressive, 55% retention rate when developers don’t send Push Notifications and 90% when they do.

Android new user retention by frequency of Push Messages

Source: Airship

iOS new user retention by frequency of Push Messages

Source: Airship

Now, when we’ve addressed the significance of Push Notifications technology and how important it is for helping to deal with user churn problem, let’s take a look at top companies that provide app developers with platforms to send Android  and Apple’s iOS Push Notifications. These companies are pushing the boundaries of how Push Notifications can help app developers and brands to keep their app users engaged and loyal. Keep in mind that these companies provide only the tool to send Push Notifications, the burden of building the right strategy is still on you.

List of push notifications services for web, iOS and Android


Begin sending web push within minutes

(2 votes)
aimtell is a web and mobile push notifications company, founded in Southern California, US in 2015.

aimtell is a web and mobile push notifications company, founded in Southern California, US in 2015. To this date the company sent more than 5 billion push notifications, it puts the special emphasis on privacy & security of the company’s clients data. On top of the basic functions it provides A/B testing, custom branding, subscriber alias, 3rd party integrations, dynamic notifications, conversion tracking, full API, team management capabilities and more.

  • Pricing: Basic ($50/month), Plus ($100/month), Pro ($200/month), Enterprise ($300/month)
  • Platforms supported: iOS, Android, Web.
  • Demo: available
  • User guide: available


Learn more about aimtell


Mobile Marketing Solutions

(1 vote)

Airshipis global mobile app marketing automation platform that helps brand owners to grow their business. Plus to the extensive suite of app marketing tools, it provides sophisticated mobile analytics system. It features user-level customer intelligence tool to reveal mobile app users cohorts that drive revenue, tools to predict and prevent mobile app churn, as well as to track mobile users behavioral patterns.

  • Type: in-app analytics, Marketing analytics
  • Pricing: available upon request
  • Demo: available
  • User guide: available


Learn more about Airship


The Ad Network For publishers and advertisers

(4 votes)
201451 - 100

AdMaven is a leading direct traffic ad network, selling +5 Billion daily impressions across multiple formats and monetizing over 10k publishers\' websites, worldwide. Powered by AI and over 10 years of online advertising experience, you will find an increased performance on media campaigns and increased revenue on your traffic monetization.

Learn more about AdMaven

Launchpad by Growth Rocket Apps

Flexible Marketing Subscriptions | Human experts & a smart platform

(12 votes)

Launchpad is the innovative SaaS solution for marketing. Build a custom plan on our online tool to get an instant quote, then get stellar marketing services on a flexible subscription. Track all your projects, analytics and messages on Launchpad ClientHub, one platform that streamlines all the marketing noise.

  • Services: App Store Optimization, Paid Acquisition, Video Production, Creatives – Graphics, Videography and Copy, Social Media Management, Customer Nurturing, Analytics, Cross-Channel Marketing, Branding and Design, Funnel Optimization, Monetization
  • Offices: London, UK, San Jose, US, Mendoza, Argentina
  • Tagline:  Flexible Marketing Subscriptions | Human experts & a smart platform
Learn more about Launchpad by Growth Rocket Apps


Web push-notification service

(21 votes)

Web push-notification service

Key features of NOTIX: 30% better push subscriber collection, 30% Better Delivery Rate, WordPress Plugi, RSS Feeds.

NOTIX is a web push service that helps to increase audience engagement, reaching every user for any kind of client – either a webmaster with a site, or a big business. Suitable for individual and corporate clients as well.

  • Type: Push-notifications, Marketing analytics
  • Pricing: Notix is Free for now. Paid plans will be introduced in Q2 – 2021, but there will always be a Free plan available for lower volumes as well as custom pricing for enterprise solutions.
  • Platforms: supported: Android, Web
  • Demo: available upon request
  • User guide:
Learn more about NOTIX


The marketing automation system for B2C

(1 vote)

eSputnik is an Omnichannel Marketing Automation Service that allows you to manage cross-channel messaging campaigns via Email, SMS, Web Push, Mobile Push, Viber and other instant messengers. eSputnik is used by more than 22.

  • Pricing: Free (up to 25,000 contacts), $4/month (personalized web push notifications), $38/month (up to 10,000 device tokens)
  • Platforms supported: iOS, Android, Web.
  • Demo: available upon request
  • User guide: available


Learn more about eSputnik


Influencer Marketing Intelligence & Analytics

(2 votes)
201751 - 100


Mobile Optimization Made Simple

The push notifications tool provides deep segmentation, transactional push/push API and analytics.

Taplytics is a mobile A/B testing, Push Notification and app analytics platform. Its BigQuery gives access to raw data (experiments, events, or push notifications) to setup custom metrics and it offers Mixpanel and Google Analytics integration. Taplytics capacity to provide analytics for apps, written for TV based operating systems, sets it apart from other analytics platforms.

  • Type: In-app analytics.
  • Pricing: a free plan (to track up to 25k MAU), the Enterprise plan pricing is upon request
  • Platforms supported: iOS, Android, tvOS, Android TV, Amazon TV, Roku TV
  • Demo: get in touch
  • User guide: available


Learn more about Taplytics

Pusher Beams

Build products with real-time features

Pusher Beams is an API for mobile app developers to add Push Notifications sending capability to their apps.


Catch, convert and keep more customers

Its Push Notifications solution allows app developers and marketers to reach their app users outside an app....

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