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Updated: May 19, 2022

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Pay Per Call is an advertising model that implies advertisers to pay publishers for phone calls placed through ads displayed in publishers mobile or desktop inventory. It’s advantageous to advertisers because it allows to get in touch with their prospects directly and convert them to customers, as opposed to an ad view which is hard to objectively measure in terms of its value and click on an ad that mobile or desktop user could make accidentally.

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Transparent DSP Engineered for Growth

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Smadex is the mobile-first programmatic DSP engineered for growth.

We are a technology company led by engineering and data science, focused on uprising the global mobile programmatic landscape through our ad tech solutions.

Using a combination of our own programmatic advertising technology, machine learning, and first-party data, we have over a decade partnering with apps, brands and performance marketers to achieve their growth goals. 

We take transparency very seriously. To guarantee our fully transparent platform remains that way, Smadex programmatic partners with the leading third-party platforms to provide innovative solutions and independent measurement at the very core of our service. 

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