Gaming Affiliate Programs (2022)

Updated: May 18, 2022

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Games affiliate networks connect publishers with affiliate programs that allow them to promote games and their related offers in return for revenue.

This guide will cover everything from how being a gaming affiliate marketer works, how you benefit from getting involved, and how to choose the best gaming affiliate programs available.

It will also feature the ultimate gaming affiliate networks in the industry.

Games are a significant and profitable niche of affiliate marketing; it has several sub-niches that revolve around specific kinds of games–board, card, racing, retro, games for kids, as well as video game and mobile game services.

By definition, games will never go out of fashion, and neither will the affiliate programs that help promote them.

Games affiliate offers are both prolific and highly desirable. Platforms such as Microsoft and Amazon offer excellent programs, not to mention the enormous popularity of gaming in all modern forms; gaming affiliate offers are everywhere.

What is a gaming affiliate?

A gaming affiliate is a marketer who earns revenue from promoting products and services relating to the gaming niche on their site, YouTube channel or even social media.

These affiliates form a partnership with a typically well-known company in the space and then promote everything from hardware to software and accessories.

Below you’ll find the main pros and cons of gaming affiliate marketing:


  • Gaming is now a multibillion industry, and there are no signs of it slowing down.
  • The demand for gaming peripherals has increased fast, and there are many offers available for you to promote.
  • As a gaming affiliate, you can earn in-game support to help you get further in your games.
  • The commissions are usually large, and free sign-up options are plentiful.
  • You can quickly check the clicks and sales you send to the network and the commission you’re earning.

Gaming affiliate network example

Source: GameFly


  • Your growth may be limited because you’re forced to rely on one demographic alone.
  • Strict rules govern gaming affiliate content creation, so you’ll need to follow guidelines frequently.
  • Anyone can sign up for gaming affiliate marketing programs, so the competition is unrelenting at times.
  • You don’t get paid if no one buys anything, even if you’re driving massive traffic to the network.

How does it work?

Gaming affiliate marketing requires an online presence that can market specific goods or services on behalf of an organization. You’re becoming an independent sales consultant, in other words.

If your site creates a sale, you get a commission or some supplementary reward–if you don’t generate a sale, you don’t get paid, although this becomes less frequent over time.

For example, via Twitch, gaming affiliates earn revenue from selling games or special “in-game” items; this includes receiving subscriptions from their most loyal viewers.

Affiliates can get started by merely choosing a seller and signing up–registering for an affiliate program is generally straightforward, but this does, of course, vary.

Once an account gets created, you’ll receive an affiliate link bespoke to you. Every affiliate link is different; the seller recognizes where the traffic is coming from and can then reward you with the commission in turn.

How can you benefit from gaming affiliate networks?

Gaming affiliates can benefit from using networks and programs for many reasons.

For a start, they don’t need to create a product themselves and having the right marketing material isn’t something they have to worry about–typically, you’re supplied with everything you need and then market to your audience via your blog or video channel.

Gaming affiliate programs are also a great way to start making money from home without the need to pay anything upfront–you earn a commission from an established and trusted retailer, and there are rarely any sign-up fees.

While there are many different niches for affiliate marketing, gaming is one of the most lucrative of them all. For example, some gaming networks pay a commission rate of up to 60% for each sale alone.

That’s not to mention that digital game sales made up 74 per cent of all game sales in the US in 2017.

Digital platforms, such as Steam and the App Store, make it easy for people to buy games because there are no physical overheads involved.

Gaming affiliate program example

Source: Green Man Gaming

On top of that, you can specialize in advertising a solid product niche instead of jumping from one to another, allowing you to perfect your craft.

You’ll even be able to negotiate individual commission rates if you prove your worth and continually improve over time.

Extra incentives exist as well. For example, Razer is a lifestyle brand for gamers.

They are widely recognizable in the gaming community–you can promote their products across various content types, and there are special incentives for marketers, such as unique codes and promotions.

The income is almost always passive too, so if you’re working elsewhere or promoting something else entirely, you can still earn.

How to choose the best gaming affiliate network?

How do you choose the right one for you with so many gaming affiliate programs available and the list developing? Worry not; we’ve listed some of the critical things to look out for overall.

Cookie duration

Cookies stockpile the information about your referrer ID because not all visitors purchase the product instantly after clicking a referred link.

Cookie duration, in other words, describes the time window when a purchase gets attributed to the referrer–clearly, the longer this is, the better it is for you.

Commission rate and types

These vary; they’re typically either a fixed price or a simple percentage of the sale. Percentage commissions are often more significant for digital products, so keep that in mind.

A high conversion rate means commission rates themselves don’t always have to be market-leading.

Payout flexibility

The companies that run affiliate programs aren’t keen on completing many small payouts on a frequent basis (such as three payouts a week). They prefer a payout once or twice a month and only above a specific threshold.

Look for programs that offer respectable payout flexibility and a reachable threshold so you can keep the revenue consistent.

Games Affiliate Offers And Payouts

Gaming affiliate offers can be profitable. With names such as GameStop and Zavvi offering great affiliate programs, there’s a lot of potential for affiliate marketers and brands.

Here are some of the biggest gaming affiliate offers along with their platform in the table below.

Platform/Company Affiliate Offer Payout Data
GameFly Dedicated affiliate program 5% on the sale of new console games
GameStop Advertise games on blog 5.00% commission
Zavvi Promote their game products You earn commission once every month
G02Games Advertise software Monthly commission payments
Simply Games Via Awin – Link to products on site 4% commission
Amazon Associates Referrals on games 10% in referral fees – $100 payout
GearBest Display products on web 1-3% commission
365 Games Advertise products and services Up to 3% commission
Microsoft Feature Microsoft games from the Windows Store Up to 10% in commission

Here we’ve put together for you the best gaming affiliate programs and networks that cover offers for all major mobile operating systems.

Get started with the ultimate gaming affiliate networks

You must be proficient in all things gaming affiliate marketing by now. Put these tips and tricks to good use, stay focused, and set breakable targets when you’re just getting started.

Gaming affiliate programs present the potential for considerable revenue and sometimes life-changing opportunities.

Just watch out for any collaborations where things aren’t clear, and keep your eyes open for better offers as they appear.

Check out our list of the top gaming affiliate networks and make the dream of passive income a reality–we’ve put together for you the ultimate gaming affiliate networks that cover offers for all major mobile operating systems.

List of games affiliate programs


The fullest collection of Dating offers Worldwide

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We give access to 1000+ offers in Dating (Casual + Mainstream), Games and Streaming verticals, including Cpamatica in-house offers and white labels for worldwide geos. Benefits....

Cpamatica is a global performance marketing agency with an integrated affiliate network. Our core business idea – provide never-ending growth both for affiliates and advertisers. We give access to 1000+ offers in Dating (Casual + Mainstream), Games and Streaming verticals, including Cpamatica in-house offers and white labels for worldwide geos.

Benefits affiliates get working with us:

🎯 In-house products in the Dating and Games niches.
🎯 Weekly payments without holdback via WebMoney, PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Wire, Capitalist, USDT/BTC.
🎯 The minimum withdrawal amount starts from $50
🎯 Regular bumps and payouts increase for HQ traffic
🎯 Experienced and result-oriented personal managers who are available 24/7.
🎯 Cpamate Club – an industry-leading loyalty program with a transparent calculation system.
🎯 An in-house built traffic management tool (FLOW) helps optimise your traffic and create your own smartlink.
🎯 Exclusive discounts on affiliate services from top industry players.

Learn more about Cpamatica

Acceleration Partners

Your Global Performance Marketing Partner

(1 vote)

Acceleration Partners is a premier global partner marketing agency. Their team helps industry-leading brands efficiently grow and manage their marketing partnerships anywhere in the world. The main strengths of Acceleration Partners lie in its affiliate management program services which are known to help companies build meaningful, lasting, performance-based relationships with strategic partners As the partnership ecosystem expands, Acceleration Partners is helping industry-leading brands efficiently set-up, launch and manage their partner programs while strategically optimizing performance-based partnerships.

Learn more about Acceleration Partners


The Leading Performance Marketing Affiliate Network

(1 vote)

Algo-Affiliates is the world leading Performance Marketing Affiliate Network. Our attention to detail and commitment to building partnerships are the reasons why our affiliates earn more. Our team of passionate performance marketers ensure that every element from banner, to click, to conversion and more are perfectly optimized and deliver unprecedented results every time.

Learn more about Algo-Affiliates


Connecting Publishers and Advertisers worldwide

(10 votes)

Targeleon is a CPA affiliate platform working with direct advertisers. That\'s why we can provide individual conditions for every publisher. Key Features Huge base of offers Wide range of verticals Various flows Daily payments Friendly support Fast quality feedback and individual offer payout Numerous types of Offers and Smartlinks Payouts via PAYPAL / WEBMONEY (WMZ) / Bitcoin / PAXUM / Wire Transfer Fast Support available via Skype / Telegram / Email Exclusive WorldWide offers We accept all traffic types and can choose the best appropriate offer for your source The detailed reports for every conversion in real-time.

Learn more about Targeleon


The One-Stop-Shop In Affiliate Marketing

(103 votes)


CrakRevenue is a CPA-based advertising platform that connects advertisers and publishers. It provides affiliates with three plans (Active Affiliate, VIP Affiliate and Elite Club), all of which has Help Desk included, hundreds of offers and 5% lifetime referral program. On top of that for the second and third plans it offers a dedicated affiliate manager, exclusive offers and promotions, annual payout bumps and more.

Key features:

  • Mobile platforms: Android, OS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS
  • Offer Types: Dating, Cam, Health, Adult Gaming
Learn more about CrakRevenue

Advendor is a leading CPA network with a number of exclusive offers from direct advertisers. There is a wide range of offers from the most popular verticals presented in Advendor CPA network: Crypto, Gaming, Gambling, Finance, Casino, Dating, Forex, Mobile, and many more.

Learn more about Advendor


The only way to succeed in affiliate marketing is to partner with the best!

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ClickDealer, a GDM Group company, provides performance marketing solutions for publishers, advertisers, and agencies worldwide. The company offers a comprehensive range of advertising services to fit any specific set of KPIs for its clients.

The company has been in the performance marketing business since 2012, amassing partnerships with over 2000 advertisers across 12 main verticals which include lucrative directions like Dating, E-commerce & Retail, Health & Beauty, Mobile Utilities and more.

Key features:

  • Mobile platforms: Android, OS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPC, CPL, CPS
  • Offer Types: Dating, Ecommerce, Games, Software, Sweepstakes, Travel
Learn more about ClickDealer


#1 Performance Marketing Network Worldwide

(6 votes)


Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM are now unified under the global brand of Perform[cb]. Please visit our company page to learn more.

Perform[cb] empowers brands to acquire new customers through incremental digital channels on a pay for results model. Our proprietary technology and highly curated partner marketplace aligns “cost-per” pricing with customer lifetime value. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to drive traffic, or a fortune 500 brand in need of comprehensive performance marketing strategy, Perform[cb] is the recognized leader in online performance marketing with the #1 ranked marketplace in the world. We specialize in vertical-specific performance marketing strategy so that you reach the customers you want – and only pay for the customers you acquire.

Key Features

  • Perform[cb] is a premier mobile marketing company helping advertisers acquire quality users that exceed their KPIs
  • Ranked in AppsFlyer’s 2019 Performance Index as a top 10 Media Partner
  • Driving mobile app installs with high levels of engagement and retention
  • Protecting ad spend through proprietary fraud prevention technology
  • Perform[cb] aligns quality and scale to leverage data to deliver clients targeted users that continue to engage
  • Working across channels such as video, in-app, incent, influencer, pre-installs, and display
  • Utilizing over 20 years of experience in the mobile marketing industry to help apps plan and execute in today’s complex mobile advertising ecosystem
Learn more about Performcb


Mobiglide – Private Affiliate Network!

(1 vote)


Mobiglide is one of the leading digital performance marketing companies, they have extensive experience with advertising and product development. Specializing in full spectrum of mobile offers: eCommerce, Cost-Per-Acusition, App Install, Mobile Lead Gen, Trial campaigns, Our Artistry with consistency, Creativity, innovation has allowed us to grow globally. Its team specializes in helping local businesses advertise on social media.

Let Mobiglide experienced team of: Business Development Managers, Affiliate Managers, and Account Managers help grow your revenue, expand your portfolio, and extend your market reach. As mobile pioneers we are first to market in regions such as: Europe, LATAM, APAC and North America for emerging markets and new product releases.

Key features:

  • Mobiglide partners with Fluent, InnoGames, Alibaba Group
  • Has 6700+ active offers on the platform
  • 3450+ registered publishers
  • 20+ verticals
  • Premium quality traffic and targeting
Learn more about Mobiglide


Global affiliate network distinguishes by innovative

(262 votes)

MyLead is a global affiliate network that to this day has paid over $ 2 million to their users.

MyLead offers over 1,600 affiliate programs (including the most popular programs – e-mail submit, credit card submit, VOD, smartlinks, downloads and dating), seven monetization models, and dozens of different categories with various services.

With MyLead affiliates usually get paid within 48 hours, using bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Bank, Revolut, WebMoney and Bitcoin. MyLead team provides 24/7 support.

Key features:

  • You can start generating revenue in 5 easy steps
  • To this day $8 millions were paid to registered publishers
  • 2,164 affiliate programs are registered on the platform
  • MyLead has 166,000 publishers registered on the platform.
Learn more about MyLead


MobX Network is a CPI global network, a trusted partner of over 100 advertisers world wide.

The platform offers a great deal of high payout GEOs, as well as a lot of exclusive and direct offers. You even can get individual payouts and order a desired campaign only for you! With MobX networks’ super friendly support team you may not worry about difficult integration or payment delays. Working with MobX you will always get assistance in analyzing traffic and rapid feedback from the advertiser plus permanent access to detailed statistic for virtually any data you require.

As for advertisers MobX will assist you into promoting your app with the best quality traffic, combined with large volumes. Therefore, MobX offers their customers only carefully vetted traffic sources proven by experience. MobX has a variety of targeting options in addition to GEO and device targeting.

Learn more about MobX Network


Thousands of CPI/CPA Top Converting Offers!

(1 vote)

MoboLead works on CPI&CPA basis supplying both incent and non-incent campaigns for iOS and Android. The platform offers real-time statistics and optimization of sources to ensure the necessary outreach and ROI.

Key features:

  • Lots of offers: over 1000+ campaigns available in mobile and desktop
  • Worldwide campaigns in +200 countries
  • Fast payment through Paypal or wire & More
  • Easy setup activate campaigns within 10 seconds
  • Account Manager advice on the best campaigns for you
  • Dedicated affiliate managers with 24/7 support
  • Direct Offers in all verticals (Gaming, Dating, Adult, Social, Utilities, Gambling)
Learn more about MoboLead


Direct Apps Affiliate Network

(2 votes)

AdsMain is one of the pioneers in mobile advertising. Working since 2010 we created trusted relationships with most app developers and best direct publishers with mobile traffic from all over the world. We value relationships with each partner and try to make them as much profitable as we can for both of us.

Key features:

  • Email and phone support 365/7
  • Fast and scheduled payments
  • Lots of offers with high commissions
  • Easy to use and detailed tracking system
  • Hundreds of publishers
Learn more about AdsMain


Best mobile traffic monetization engine

(7 votes)


Mobile10 is a CPA affiliate network that allows advertisers to launch & optimize CPM, CPA and CPL campaigns on a daily basis, both locally and globally. On the publisher’s side Mobile10 provides publishers with a user friendly dashboard with a quick and easy code setup, automatic offers efficiency checking, as well as an in-depth reporting.

Key features:

  • We’ve got only white campaigns. All campaigns are precisely tested before going to rotation
  • We accept any kind of non-incent mobile traffic
  • Simple integration and quick start: we provide one link for all offers. All you need is to choose between available ads (direct link, popup, interstitial, iframe, SDK) and paste the link to your site. That’s all. Our system automatically selects the most suitable offers for your visitors. Believe us, we really work hard to test and track offers
  • We pay twice a month. Minimal payout 50$. Wire, PayPal, Epese, ePayments, Webmoney payment systems
  • Referral program 7%, detailed statistics, quick support, individual conditions etc.
Learn more about Mobile10

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